Preview UI components in your IDE

Compatible with
Preact logo Preact
React logo React
Solid logo SolidJS
Svelte logo Svelte
Vue.js logo Vue 2 & 3

Instant feedback

See your code live within the blink of an eye

Preview.js uses Vite and esbuild to achieve snappy refreshes, typically on the order of milliseconds.

Better yet, previews are updated as you type!

No boilerplate

Preview any component

Preview.js detects your components and lets you preview each individually, with little to no configuration.

Component properties are automatically generated to match detected TypeScript types.


Supports Preact, React, Solid, Svelte and Vue 2 & 3

Preview.js leverages the power of Vite to support Preact, React, Vue, Solid and Svelte.

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Preview.jsPreview.js Pro
Open source core
Open source IDE extensions for VS Code and JetBrains IDEs
Open source plugins for Preact / React / Solid / Svelte / Vue 2 / Vue 3
Per-component preview
Auto-generated props
Instant refresh as you type
Storybook support
Viewport preview (mobile, tablet)
Adjustable zoom
Dark background toggle
One-click component switcher
Quick preview of related Storybook stories
Project-wide component search
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